Don’t Let Someone Else Project Their Negativity On You!

“Stop pretending your life is so great. Remember, I know the real you and your life can’t be as great as you’re bragging about lately.”ย ย 

That’s the comment that stopped me in my tracks.

Suddenly I started questioning everything I was doing on social media and here at the blog:

  • Am I bragging?
  • Do other people think I’m bragging too?
  • Am I making others feel bad by all the good things going on that I’m sharing?
  • Should I stop sharing?

On and on the questions, self-doubt, and so many other thoughts came rushing at me…

I went into a little funk for a few days but then I looked at a few things:

  1. Shake That Shit Off – a sticker from my amazing friend and awesome business coach Kelly.
  2. I’m Here To Live Out Loud – a notebook from my secret sister during an exchange I participated in over the Holidays.
  3. Look At You Shine ๐Ÿ™‚ – a note taped to my wall in front of my desk (so I see it every time I’m at my desk) from that amazing friend I mentioned above, Kelly.

Then I attended a kick ass event – Curves Beautifully Empowered – where I met amazing women and got to share my passion and love for Shining Self and heard so much positive feedback about how needed what I’m doing is. There were so many golden nuggets I took away but the main ones…

  • There’s only one freaking me
  • I was born enough
  • I am enough
  • The world needs me, my truth, and my story!

And all of a sudden, I took back my power again and reminded myself that what this person said had nothing to do with me but her, and what she thinks of me doesn’t matter.

So, I made a hard decision and decided it was time to unfollow, block and remove them from my space. (This was not the first problem I’ve had with this person.)

Sure, the comment got to me and I let it get in my head for a few days but this time I handled it like a shining star ๐Ÿ˜‰ I didn’t engage them in conversation by responding back (I know from past experience, that makes things a thousand times worse). I didn’t let it keep me down for long. I didn’t let it cause me to go into “hiding” or silence me. And I unfollowed, blocked and removed the negativity from my space.

What I want to encourage you and leave you with is don’t let others project their negativity on you! Hurting people say mean things but we don’t have to tolerate or accept it.

You are amazing. You are worthy. Live in your truth and surround yourself with those who encourage, support, and lift you up!

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  • Avery

    Ouch! What a mean thing for someone to say. Good for you on taking back your power. Have you heard TobyMacโ€™s song Speak Life? Itโ€™s one of my faves. I think itโ€™s important to speak life over yourself and your dreams even if no one else does.

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