Here's Your How Fear Robs You: And What Courage Might Look Like so You Can Stop Letting It (fear) Dictate Your Choices Gift!

There are many ways that fear can keep you from the life of your dreams. You might be afraid to go after the promotion you want, start a new business, flirt with the cute guy at the coffee shop, or stand up to your mother-in-law... just to name a few. But this workbook is going to help you identify fears that are holding you back, create an action plan for overcoming them, and manifest the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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Wouldn't you like to explore new dreams & design your next big adventure?

You’re invited on a journey to discover who you are, explore new dreams, and design your next big adventure...

I've put together a fun 15 page digital journal, Discover Who You Are, for you. You can download, print and write in it. OR you can download it and fill it in right on your computer! Whatever works best for you.

Daily journaling is a wonderful habit that can transform your life if you let it. It works best when you create room for it in your life. Some people prefer to journal first thing in the morning so they can start their days feeling energized. Others prefer the quiet of early afternoons or late nights. Choose a time that feels right to you and set aside 20-30 minutes to write your thoughts.

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