When I had low self-esteem and body image issues, I couldn’t look at any part of my body and like it, so there was no way in hell I could love anything about it!

After a long process (and what is still a process) I was able to finally not only accept and like my body but LOVE it.

One of the best ways to get started on your journey is to make a list of things you love about yourself. These can be physical features such as your hair or your smile. But they could also be things about you as a person such as loving your imagination or your skills with color.

It’s OK if nothing comes to mind when you first try writing. Loving yourself may be a foreign concept and it’s not uncommon to struggle with this at first. Just keep your list nearby and add it to as thoughts come to you later.

Check out this video, part 3 of the 5 part Embracing Body Positivity series, where I talk about learning to love yourself and my journey with learning to love myself.

If you missed the other videos in the series, you will find them here:

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Just a fat chic livin' her best damn life! Plus-size model, body positive advocate, sober since March 2014!, selfie queen, and lover of all things pink & sparkly! On a mission to inspire plus-size women to love themselves just as they are and to take up space boldly, confidently & most of all unapologetically.

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