I spent so much of my life hating my body and myself because of other people’s judgments and beliefs that I allowed to become my reality and my truth. Thankfully, several years ago, I began to question all that and started to heal and see myself differently.

Now, finally, at 43, I love myself and my body.

And I’m fat. 

It’s pretty empowering… even though others still try to push their judgment and fatphobia beliefs on me.

You know why?

Because it’s ok to be fat. Just as it’s ok to be skinny.

Nobody should be judged because of their body type. And Mary over at Uncustomary agrees with me:

Let’s let judgments about physical bodies die. The judgments we have about whether someone appears healthy, acts healthy, or meets our standards.

But it’s not just about others judging; it’s also about us judging our bodies. And Mary reminds us:

Body shaming is cruel, and judging your own body moves you in the opposite direction of self-love and body positivity. It can end up running your life!

I invite you to go read RIP Diet Culture now. The message is important.

In my experience, the more I let go of these five things (mentioned in the post), the more I have been able to say good riddance to self-hate and hello to self-love.

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