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Have You Seen This Nike Ad Yet?

Where have these Honeybeez plus size dancers been all my life???

Do you ever come across something that just makes you feel all the feels? Something that gives you goose bumps? Something that brings tears to your eyes because it hits so close to home?

That’s exactly what just happened when I saw this video. Check it out for yourself and I’ll explain more below:

Good grief that just sends me into so many emotions (I’ve cried the last three times I’ve watched it!)! It’s only been since October, maybe November, 2018 that I stepped into this new role with myself – really LOVING myself. Really ACCEPTING myself – size and all. Being COMFORTABLE in my own skin.  Even though over the last several years I went through phases here and there where I liked myself, it’s only been recently that I really truly feel all these things just mentioned.

My entire life, prior to that, I hated myself. I believed all the things people said to me:

  • You’ll always be big, you have an athletes body with broad shoulders and thick thighs.
  • Fat girls can’t do that.
  • Your’e too big for that.
  • You can’t wear that, it’ll show your tummy.
  • You can’t wear shorts, you’re too big and it’ll show your thighs.
  • Fat people shouldn’t be on the beach in a bathing suit because it’s gross.
  • You have such a pretty face, if you’d only lose weight.
  • You’ll never amount to anything.

On and on the list goes. If I had a $1 for every time I heard something negative from others, the media, or even myself, I’d have a pretty big pile of cash! And I bought into the million dollar (hell, it’s probably a billion dollar industry actually) diet industry and all the negative media they put out there with all their ads – lose weight and you’ll be happy, lose weight and you’ll find the love of your life, blah blah blah.

Not only did all the diet industry bullshit feed into my self-hatred, it caused so many issues – distorted eating (binging/purging, starvation, restricting foods), ending up in the emergency room with heart palpitations/racing heart from diet pills, thinking I’d never be pretty unless I lost weight, would never find love until I lost weight, that I wouldn’t/couldn’t be happy until I lose weight..on and on this list goes too.

The Honeybeez and the Nike Ad 

First, kudos to Nike for this ad. But even more than that, kudos to these girls and going after what they want! The reason this hit so close to home is because I wish I had figured out their motto and message a long time ago.

In case you didn’t catch it while watching, let me share it with you…

Their Motto  

  • Be bold.
  • Be beautiful.
  • Be YOU!

Their Message 

  • Wear what YOU want to wear.
  • Be who YOU want to be.
  • GO For IT!

Other Golden Nuggets From Their Message

  • Who told you you couldn’t do it?
  • Who cares about the naysayers.
  • You have to know yourself, love yourself, and be who you are!

Hot daaaaaaamn! This is right and perfect on so many levels! Way to go Honeybeez (and Nike).

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