I Carry A Big Purse & NO, I’m NOT A Shoplifter

I’m writing this post with a little tongue in cheek humor, but after seeing an email come across my inbox and watching the video it suddenly made sense why I noticed something happening to me was happening!

I love bags and purses. My current purse is pretty large. My son would tell me “mom, you could fit the kitchen sink in that thing!” if he saw it. It’s a bit of a nightmare actually finding anything in it, but I love it. It’s big enough I can throw my make-up, wallet, kleenex, lotion, chaptstick, and everything else in there including my laptop, notebook and a current book I’m reading! Yeah, I said it was pretty large 😉

steve madden crossbody brown pursesteve madden crossbody brown purse

And it’s a Steve Madden purse which is a great find or so I’m told anyway. Apparently Steve Madden is a name brand which I wasn’t aware of until a gal from Yoga told me about how much she liked the Steve Madden purse line. (I paid a whole whopping 8 bucks for it at Goodwill).

So, anyway one of my favorite things since getting moved and settled into the Pacific Northwest is all the Goodwill stores and retail shops! These Goodwill stores are nothing like we had back in my little Northern Michigan town! These are massive with tons of great items and even awesome fat clothes sections!

Being Watched Like A Hawk

But I started noticing that at one of the stores, I was being watched. I would go down one aisle and an employee would pop up. I’d go down another aisle and the employee would pop up there too. The first time it happened I didn’t think anything of it. The second and third time, I was like ‘what the hell’?

This began happening not long after I was in the store standing and chatting with a lady in the purse aisle who was quickly escorted out for shoplifting (and her daughter too who was a few aisles over!). I had noticed she was putting an item in her large bag and by the time I noticed it, they were escorting her out. Maybe they thought I was working with her?

After the 3rd time it happened, I left with my purchases and made the choice to not go back. No skin off my back, there are tons of other retail stores to shop at anyway. Now, had this happened a few years ago I would have been a ‘wreck’ – my feelings would have been hurt, I would have spent so much time and energy worrying about why they were watching me. Now, I just don’t care – I don’t have a reason to care, I wasn’t doing anything wrong.

Fast Forward A Couple Months

An email comes across my inbox and the title catches my eye – The Body Language of a Shoplifter – and makes me curious enough to open it, read, and then click through to check out a video!

Did you know one of the things to look out for when it comes to shoplifting is someone carrying a big bag? And remember when I said I was next to the lady, chatting, who (with her daughter) was escorted out for shoplifting? Yep, another thing to look out for with shoplifters is those in a group:

…. shoplifters will travel with a lifter and distractor, and sometimes will have multiple distractors.

Ok, so it all makes sense now. But good grief, just because I carry a big purse does NOT make me a shoplifter!  And wouldn’t you think that if that store thought I was somehow helping those 2 women that they would have questioned me?

I’m going to test something out – head back to that specific store but carry only my wallet and not my purse. Wonder if I’ll be watched this time or if they will even remember me…?

The post/video I’m referring to can be accessed here: Tips for Identifying a Shoplifter.

Have you ever been in a store and had this happen to you? How did it make you feel? Did you go back after it happened? 

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