I just recently found Henrik Edberg and got lost perusing several of his blog posts. Lots of awesome, inspirational posts but I especially liked How to Live a Happy Life: 10 Things to Say Yes to Starting Today.  The blurb below really caught my attention:

When you say no you can safely stay within your comfort zone. You don’t have to fear failing or being rejected. The scary unknown and sometimes difficult change can be avoided.

But if you say yes your life can expand and deepen. The yes allows you to open up your life to more happiness.

It made me stop and think about all the times I chose to say no for the exact reason Henrik mentioned above. Saying no is often the easy way out for me. But I’ve started trying to say yes to things I really want to do but have been nervous to do in the past for fear of failure, being rejected, etc.

I remember how last summer I was brave enough to say YES to going kayaking with a few friends. I had wanted to try it for a few summers but was scared because I didn’t know how to do it, what would happen if I tipped over, and because I’m a big girl so I was afraid kayaks weren’t built for big/heavy people. But OH MY LORD did I ever have the best time ever. I loved kayaking so much! Let’s just say it was not super comfortable at my size – getting in and out was NOT easy/pleasant at all – but that experience was sooooo worth it.

So, I’m ready to start saying YES to even more things. Life is so short – I don’t want to regret not doing things because I was afraid to say yes!  I absolutely love what Henrik lists for #1 and #2 on his list of things he recommends saying yes to starting today. Head on over and read How to Live a Happy Life: 10 Things to Say Yes to Starting Today now.

What’s something you’ve wanted to say yes to but haven’t because it’s easier to say no and stay in your comfort zone?

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  1. Tishia, this is awesome and perfectly timed! Life is SO short and it’s meant to be lived and experienced without hesitation. I can relate to 100% of this – thanks so much for posting!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Kristin! I need to re-read this and remind myself again that I keep saying I’m going to start saying YES to more things…but here I am, still sitting here not doing it! I’m a work in progress 😉

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