Loving Our Bodies and Owning Our Space

Are you... 

  • Avoiding full length mirrors because you don't like what you see... 
  • Hiding behind the scenes, not stepping into the 'spotlight'...  
  • Not taking up the space reserved just for you, in this world, because you're too embarrassed by your appearance

What if you changed all of that?

How would it feel to...  

  • Look in the mirror and like what you see? 
  • Step into the 'spotlight' and take up the space you're meant to?  
  • But most of all... embrace and love the body you're in? 

Because you can...

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Now I'm not going to tell you it's a simple process or there's some magical fairy that comes along and waves her wand and poof you start loving yourself and embracing the body you're in.

Because it's not that easy.

It's a process.

It's a journey.

But it's one that is worth taking and it's one you deserve to take because you are worth it!

The freedom you'll find once you embrace and love the skin you're in is something that can't easily be put into words. It's hard to explain how life changes, doors open, and you hold your head higher once you love your body and yourself...

body positive activist plus size model tishia lee

But because this is such an important message, I'm bringing together a group of six women to share their stories. These women are just like you and I - at one point they hated their bodies, lacked self-esteem & confidence, were slaves to diet culture, their scale, and more.

And today they embrace their bodies just as they are and take up space confidently and unapologetically in this world, a world that tells women that aren't 'thin' (according to society's standards) they aren't loveable, acceptable, or worthy.   

These women are going to get real, vulnerable and authentically share with you how they've overcome all that bullshit!  

So, if you're sick and freaking tired of sitting on the sidelines watching life pass you by, hating the body you're in, you'll want to attend this one day FREE virtual event!


Who Am I & Why Am I Hosting This Summit?

Tish Lee

I'm Tish &  up until about 3 years ago I hated my body. I wouldn't look in a full length mirror because I was disgusted by what I saw.

Every diet and weight loss attempt left me more frustrated with my body and emptier on the inside.

Low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and self-hate led me down a long road of negative activities (promiscuity, self-harm, binge drinking - turned alcoholic daily drinking, and more).

I was enslaved to diet culture because I believed the things people told me over the years: 'fat wasn't acceptable, loveable, worthy, or beautiful'.

I believed weight loss was the answer and becoming "thin" would magically solve all my problems.  (Hint: it didn't!)

Fast forward to 3 years ago. I said eff you diet culture. I ditched the diets. I ditched the scale. I started realizing how beautiful and amazing my body was... fat and all!

I went from self-hate to body positive plus-size model and now I encourage women of all sizes to take up space confidently and comfortably with no apology. Because if you don't take your space in the world, no one else can and that would be a damn shame!

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