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    Bucket List

    For the longest time I was a prisoner…in my own body. You see, I’ve struggled with weight my entire life. Through the years I’ve been a major yo-yo dieter. I’ve lost so much weight and gained even more back over the years, it’s just crazy. Today, things aren’t “perfect” with my weight/health, but it’s so much better! I’ve went from being inactive, constant swollen feet/ankles (and fingers), not being able to walk through a grocery store without sweating, unable to catch my breath, and knees hurting to… getting in activity at least 15 minutes every day (although as I’m writing this and checking my Fitbit log, I’ve slacked the last several days)! It’s…

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    Fun and Quirky Things About Me

    I decided it would be fun to write this post after reading a post a friend of mine did sharing weird and wacky things about herself. Here we go, some fun and quirky things about me! I can’t stand bread crumbs in butter. There is a RIGHT way to put toilet paper on a toilet paper holder. (If I visit your place & it’s on wrong, I’ll change it!) I have been engaged 3 times, twice to the same man (my son’s dad), but never married. I only use Burt’s Bees chap-stick. I cried when, not long after getting my drivers license, I hit a bird & it got stuck in…

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