The Your Shining Self Podcast
The Your Shining Self Podcast
Finding Self-Love At Any Size Through Holistic & Mystic Approaches With Martina Wall

Self Love At Any Size Martina WallSelf-love is something I find, in many different conversations, that most women don’t have! They believe they can’t love themselves because they don’t “fit” what society tells us women should look like – thin and beautiful. So it’s not surprising the diet industry is a $70+ billion-dollar market! 🙄

That’s a story for a different day, though.

Today, I’m chatting with special guest Martina Wall who used to suffer from self-hate and had this to say:

I looked in the mirror one day after I was close to that kind of goal that I had in my mind and I still hated myself just as much as I did a hundred pounds heavier. And that’s when I realized that something had to change…”  

I too have suffered from self-hate.

So that brings me to the question…

Self-Love: Can It Be Taught?

Absolutely! 100%! Both Martina and I have gone through our own journeys of self-hate to self-love.

And that’s why I wanted to chat with Martina about self-love because it’s such an important topic and something we’re both so passionate about helping other women with – loving their imperfectly perfect selves.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • When self-hate started for Martina
  • The life-changing moment Martina experienced
  • The one big element to finding self-love at any size
  • Self-love isn’t a check the boxes type of scenario where you just need to do this and this and then I will love myself forever and ever
  • Learning to love your imperfectly perfect self involves two things and Martina shares what those are

Rather read than listen? Here’s the transcript for this episode.

Self-Love Resources Mentioned

Self-Love Book Recommendations

We didn’t talk about this during the episode, but I wanted to share some of my favorite books with you that are worth reading! 🤩 I kept the list to just 5 books but man, it was hard to choose just 5!

Connect with Martina:

About Martina:

Hi I’m Martina…mystic self-love guide empowering women to find self-love at any size through many different holistic approaches like yoga, meditation, crystals, aromatherapy, mindful eating & journaling. After going on my own journey of self-hate to self-love I now am helping women to find their own magic & stand beside them through their self-love journeys! You can find me over at

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