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YSS 61 Here's Your Sign - Just Do It

Just Do It!

Chasing after our dreams and following our curiosity can often lead to amazing opportunities. But how many times do we let ourselves, others, and fear of failure (on and on the list goes) keep us from leaning into that curiosity? For me, way too much! Yes, taking risks is scary but if we never take a chance on something new and interesting, we may miss out on life-changing experiences.

To make the most of our lives, we must be willing to embrace uncertainty and JUST DO IT!—following our curiosity can open up doors that we never expected!

So, are you ready to say the hell with it and JUST DO IT?  Please say yes! 😉  

Then you’ll want to listen in to this week’s episode of Tish Rambles… 🤣 err I mean your shining self podcast! I share something that has been in the works since the end of 2020 and I’m ready to stop overthinking, worrying about what others think, and follow my curiosity & JUST DO IT.

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About Tish:

The Body Positive Fairy Godmother, Tish Lee,  encourages women of all sizes to take up space confidently and comfortably with no apology. She knows if you don’t take your space in the world, no one else can and that would be a damn shame.

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