The Your Shining Self Podcast
The Your Shining Self Podcast
003: You Have Permission To Seek Help with Candice L Davis

My conversation with Candice L Davis went pretty deep. We talked about a topic I don’t think is talked about enough – mental health, anxiety and depression to be specific. Candice and I chat candidly about her depression as a teenager and what the darkest time looked like for her, and how she manages it as well as anxiety as an adult.

As Candice shares her story, you’ll discover how books helped her survive depression as a teenager and how writing books helped her manage depression and anxiety as an adult.

It was an important conversation and one that needs to be talked about more!

About Candice:

Author Coach Candice L Davis helps coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs write business-building books. Candice believes everyone has a story worth telling and knowledge someone else is waiting to discover in a book. Her clients include authors of gift books, memoirs, and novels, and self-help, how-to, personal development, and professional development books. Candice is the host of “Nothing but the Words,” the podcast that gives you everything you need to know to write a phenomenal book.

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Recommended Self-Help Book:

One of the things I ask my guests (but not talked about in their episode) is if they have a favorite self-help book(s). This is just something I like to know because I’m huge into self-development/self-help and am always on the lookout for more to read. Thought it would be fun to share the recommendations 🙂

Candice suggested:


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