The Your Shining Self Podcast
The Your Shining Self Podcast
YSS 11: With A Rod In Her Back And In The Worst Shape Of Her Life She Becomes An Aerialist

Listen as Christine and I chat about how at the age of 44, the heaviest and most out of shape of her life (AND with a titanium rod in her spine from scoliosis) realized that “working out” wasn’t working for her… so she became an aerialist instead! Yes, aerialist (Aerial hoop to be more specific)… as in something like you would see at a Cirque du Soleil show.

At the time of this episode, Christine has been at it for 2 years now and says it has changed everything for her – body, body image, and mindset about what she can truly accomplish in life. This is now “training” and she’s an athlete! It’s also given her the chance to now be a role model to other people with scoliosis including those who have gone through surgery like hers!

Before Christine and I recorded her interview, we were emailing back and forth and she was sharing a little more of her journey into aerial hoop. I had mentioned to her I wanted to try it but was nervous – as a big girl my first ‘fear’ is will those things even hold me? And then there’s the fear of how I am not that bendable lol. She told me that she went in with zero flexibility and zero muscle tone but that all changed the more she did. Look at the difference in these two pictures – one is when she first started and the other is now – look at that flexibility in the 2nd picture!

About Christine

Bestselling celebrity ghostwriter and #1 Amazon bestselling author Christine Whitmarsh helps authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, and high profile personalities develop, write and promote books that make a difference in the lives of their readers. Christine is the founder & CEO of The Ink Agency, a book development, coaching, ghostwriting and book marketing agency serving clients worldwide since 2003.

Christine is the author of Personal Paparazzi: Your Brand Story Told Your Way, the novel Canyon Road, the project management book Nuke the Elephant: From Freelancer to Project Ringmaster, and her upcoming memoir The Power of the Curve.

Christine resides in Jacksonville Beach, Florida with her husband Mike and their four legged friends Gracie and Troy. When not changing the world with books she enjoys bike rides and walks on the beach and is a student of the aerial arts.

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