The Your Shining Self Podcast
The Your Shining Self Podcast
YSS 13: Setting Healthy Boundaries & A Case Of The Dammits...

In this episode of The Your Shining Self Podcast, empowerment coach Val Selby and I chat about healthy boundaries – something that’s not easy to create… especially for us as women. Why is it that we often feel (or are even told) it’s selfish to set boundaries and put ourselves first? That’s not selfish – that’s taking care of us and what we need. I think that’s pretty bold and powerful.

We also talk about the DAMMITs… but they’re probably not what you think. In this case we’re referring to Dammit, I like this about myself! Val and I chat about some things that we’ve both been told over the years that were “wrong” or “problematic” about us but how now… Dammit, we like this about ourselves!

This is such an important topic, that Val put together a great program called… you guessed it – DAMMIT, I Like This About Myself!

NOTE: There is swearing in this episode.  

About Val

Val coaches women over 40 that it’s time to take their turn. Mixing up encouraging words and honesty about how you are treating yourself and allowing others to treat you. You can guarantee there will be belly laughs even as you are working through the hard stuff.  (I have personally coached with Val and I can attest to the belly laughs. But aside from the fun, we also dug deep into some personal boundaries I needed to work on and a hard conversation I had to have with a family member. I highly recommend her coaching!) 

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