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YSS 14: Mastering The Art Of Self-Love

This week’s Your Shining Self Podcast guest, Rosie Battista, was a delight to chat with and I know you’re going to love hearing her story just as much as I did.

We dive into the importance of self-love and how Rosie was a bit of a mess when she didn’t have self-love in her life – choosing “wrong” men which resulted in two divorces. But were they really “wrong” choices or learning opportunities?

And wait until you hear what Rosie did at the age of 50!

This event was a pivotal point in her life and when she had a huge ah ha moment… realizing that everything she was searching for was already inside of her!

We also chatted about how setting healthy boundaries is a big part of self-love too. (For more healthy boundaries chat be sure to listen to episode #13 here)

Rosie’s Got A Gift For You!

Be sure to head on over and pick up your FREE Self Love Tools that Rosie has so graciously offered to give my listeners 🙂

About Rosie

Rosie teaches Self Love You-tensils and Spiritual Essentials that enhance your life and business. Using these tools, she helps you discard old patterns and limiting beliefs so you can uncover your unique inner gift. Overcoming an eating disorder, 2 divorces and financial chaos, she understands what it’s like to end struggle and replace it with freedom. Freedom that allows you to create, have fun and share your gifts with the world. Rosie has added a new component to her business where she teaches heart based entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, speakers, to make beautiful card decks that will spread their message, grow their business and help their clients.

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