The Your Shining Self Podcast
The Your Shining Self Podcast
YSS 28: How to Harness the Power of Your Intuition with Mara Marchesi

Today’s guest on The Your Shining Self Podcast is Mara Marchesi, the queen of intuition and we’re going to chat about intuition, of course 😉

But we’re going to dive a little deeper than just the surface of what intuition is. Mara is going to take us through her own journey with intuition and coming to a pretty big realization that goes against the “norm” of what some family, friends, and even society says women “should” do.

We talk about how to get back to yourself and remember who you really are and not what and who other people want you to be.

A quote from Mara that really hit home and one I want to highlight and point out:

“Life is now! Life is short!”

That is such a powerful quote and when you hear Mara talk about it in our interview, it will really drive home the importance of life is truly short and that’s why we need to live in the moment.

We end the conversation with Mara sharing a few important thoughts:

  • You are here for a reason!
  • Listen to your body! (Our bodies are always giving us cues.)
  • Ask yourself questions

And you’ll hear Mara and I talk about the ‘simplicity’ of things – as Nike says “JUST DO IT!” 

Connect with Mara:

About Mara:

Mara is an Intuitive and Creative coach that helps creative professionals to use their intuition to follow their purpose.

As all of us, creative professional feel the pressure of being original, being int he flow, express themselves freely, impostor syndrome, lack of motivation, not feeling validated, not feeling free, issue with creativity vs making money.

With a holistic approach, through colour therapy, crystal therapy, meditation and a variety of other techniques, Mara helps her clients reconnecting to themselves so they can follow their purpose with clarity and confidence.

Mara is also a speaker and podcast host of Intuitive Queens Podcast.

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