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The Your Shining Self Podcast
YSS 33: Flipping Time to Love Life with Karen Briscoe

Today’s guest on The Your Shining Self Podcast is Karen Briscoe and we’re talking about Flipping Time to Love Life!

I wasn’t familiar with exactly what Karen meant by this but she did a great job explaining it:

To flip time is to put personal development, self-care, meaningful work, living in one’s zone of genius first. Many people throughout their life follow the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs up the pyramid, meeting basic needs, then safety needs, then love and belonging, then esteem and only then focus on self-actualization. What happens if you run out of time and never get to self- actualization?

What happens if you do everything right and yet feel as if something is missing? What happens if you keep putting self-actualization off and thus don’t love your life now? So many people wait to pursue self-actualization after the next milestone, finish college, kids in school, kids leave home, retire. The idea to flip time is to put self-actualization first. What I and many others have found is that everything becomes better and more meaningful. -Karen

Are you guilty, like me, of saying “I don’t have time” over and over? What Karen said, as we chatted, about this is a real eye opener and something I encourage you to stop and think about! I know from now on I want to be more conscious of this and when those words start to come out of my mouth, I’ll be checking in with myself about it.

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About Karen:

Karen Briscoe is the author of several books, has been a guest on a number of podcasts and webinars, and spoken in front of groups as large as 500 at national platforms, in addition to being a long standing Top Producing Real Estate Agent.

In October 2017, she launched 5 Minute Success – The Podcast. With over 200 episodes and over 100k downloads, it has ranked number 1 most recommended on Overcast for Business Category and is part of Turnkey Productions with more than 2 million downloads.

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