The Your Shining Self Podcast
The Your Shining Self Podcast
YSS 67: This Podcast Isn't Going Anywhere After All

Surprise! I’m Here to Stay 🙂

Well, things took a turn around here from a month ago when I recorded the “last” episode!

And in today’s episode, I tell you what happened and why the Your Shining Self Podcast is now not going anywhere.


[00:00:00]: Wow. This is an episode I didn’t expect that I would be recording. Hey. This is Tish, the host of your shining self podcast. About a month ago, I recorded an episode, now it’s time to say goodbye. And in that episode, I explained that was the very last episode of the your shining self podcast. Well, news flash. This podcast is not going Ediware.

[00:00:25]: And today, I’m gonna tell you why. So when I recorded that episode, that was, you know, the Quote, unquote, last episode, I actually had been really excited about something that had bubbled up several months prior, and I was leaning into following that idea. Well, that idea no longer fits for what I’m doing. So the reason I was going to end the your shining self podcast is because I was going to lean into, starting a new podcast called Unapologetically Fat with Tish Lee. Bought the domain name and everything and got that set up with my web host. Had, you know, like, WordPress installed on it and everything, and I haven’t done anything with it after that. So, I I took this what I call, like, a a personal rest and reset retreat. And I just got back from that a couple days ago.

[00:01:22]: And during this little retreat that I went on, it was I was very intentional about what I wanted to do for these 3 days while I was at the beach. Not only did I want to rest and feel, you know, rejuvenated and, Kind of reset from this year. I was very intentional about the fact that this was going to be a distraction free, retreat, meaning no devices. I did not use my phone. I did not use my laptop. I did not have my Kindle, I didn’t have my iPad. I didn’t even use the TV. It was also going to be a weekend of no communication other than I did, you know, Heck in with my man every day just to let him know that I was okay, and I had to call roadside assistance because I had a stinking flat tire, But that’s besides the point.

[00:02:13]: And the reason that I had put those boundaries into place was because I also wanted this retreat to be all about reflecting And just being open minded and nonjudgmental about whatever came up during the weekend. I went in with an open mind, and I just believed that whatever my soul needed, like, Whatever messages, whatever you know, if there was healing that needed to be done, I just believed that it was going to happen. And, Oh my gosh. This episode is not about that retreat, but holy flipping Toledo. I when I say I walked into that hotel Friday, 1 person, and I walked out Monday morning as a different person. I am not exaggerating. That Tree was something that I’m not even sure how to put into words, and I don’t even know how to explain everything that had Happened over the course of those 3 nights. And, you know, there was 1, like, message kind of theme, whatever you wanna call it, that kept showing up over the course of the weekend.

[00:03:20]: And that message was be still and no. Stop seeking outside validation. You have the answers within you. I am really horrible, Or I should say, I was really horrible about not trusting myself, and I was constantly having to ask everybody around me for advice, if I should do this, If I should do that and I it’s really exhausting when you don’t just freaking trust yourself and lean into something that you feel in your soul, something that you feel, you know, Creative or curious about. And so over the weekend, that was the theme that kept coming up. And one Of the things, you know, when I was journaling and I was reflecting on everything, I just immediately felt unapologetically fat does not fit with me anymore. And the reason being is because when I say I’m unapologetically fat, I’m implying that I have something to apologize for. I’m implying that my fat body is less than somebody that is not fat.

[00:04:25]: So I don’t have anything to apologize for my fat body. If someone is uncomfortable because of my fatness and me taking up space. I do not owe them an apology. So it just felt really good to Trust myself and not ask anybody else if they thought I was crazy for going back on my word and Suddenly deciding that I’m not ditching the your shining self podcast and that I was no longer following through with the new podcast, Unapologetically Fat. And, like, It’s so freeing just being like, nope. This is what feels right, and I’m just doing it. So that’s Why I’m recording this episode because I wanna let you know that the Your Shining Self podcast is here to stay. And, You know, the one thing that I wanna leave you with, and this has been really hard for me to like, I get it in my head, but kind of, like, embracing it and really Believing it has been a little bit of a different story.

[00:05:28]: We all get to choose what we want to do in life, in business, etcetera. And I had a really hard time being like, I do what I want. And, again, you know, I would think of something and I would have to ask Everybody around me, instead of just doing it because I wanted to. So, you know, this whole leaning into ditching the unapologetically fat podcast. And just sticking with the your shining self podcast, I’m doing what I want, and it feels so freaking good. So I hope I didn’t confuse you too much if you listened to the previous episode. I hope you’re gonna continue to stick around, and I’m really looking forward to Some new episodes that I have coming up. And, oh my goodness, we are almost into the new year.

[00:06:15]: Holy Toledo. I’m actually really excited for the new year. Alright. I am done rambling. I’m really excited to get this episode released and just kind of be like, Hey. Surprise. Just kidding. The podcast really isn’t going anywhere.

[00:06:28]: It’s here to stay. Alright. Have a great day.

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