Discover Who You Are - Explore New Dreams & Design Your Next
Big Adventure

Wouldn't you like to explore new dreams & design your next big adventure? 

Daily journaling is a wonderful habit that can transform your life if you let it. It works best when you create room for it in your life. Some people prefer to journal first thing in the morning so they can start their days feeling energized. Others prefer the quiet of early afternoons or late nights. Choose a time that feels right to you and set aside 20-30 minutes to write your thoughts.

You’re invited on a journey to discover who you are, explore new dreams, and design your next big adventure... 

I've put together a fun 15 page digital journal, Discover Who You Are, for you.  You can download, print and write in it. OR you can download it and fill it in right on your computer! Whatever works best for you. 

You'll discover journaling prompts like:   

  • angle-right
    Where would you like to travel to? (This can be as complex as traveling to a different country or as simple as exploring a state park.).
  • What would you like to stay the same? (what is working in your life that you’re really happy with and don’t want to change?)
  • Are there new hobbies would you like to take up? Why do you want to pursue them?
  • Imagine getting to build a dream team so your life and business flow smoothly and easily. What would that look like?
  • Are there areas in your heart, mind, or body where you need healing? (Healing isn’t easy and takes time, is there someone you trust that would walk this journey with you? This could even be a therapist!)

JUST $17.00!

Take a peek inside the Discover Who You Are journal...

The journal is broken into four different sections: 

Planning New Adventures - There's always potential for new adventures, if you're open to the possibilities! Use the questions in this section to consider what you’d like to do and see this year. 

Developing Healthy Relationships - healthy relationships are important for your mental and emotional health. The questions in this section are designed to help you examine and reflect on your relationships.

Preparing for Inner Growth - It’s always the perfect time to consider how you’d like to grow and change. Use the questions in this section to uncover what new challenges you can tackle this year.

Embracing the Year - Take a few minutes to reflect. These questions will help you consider what you’d like the rest of this year, or the new year, to look like.

You owe yourself... 

Pick up a copy of the Discover Who You Are journal today.  It was created to inspire your inner self. You can work through the prompts in chronological order or if you prefer, skip around. Open the journal to a random page. Pick a topic that appeals to you and go for it.

So, what are you waiting for? Go for it! Grab your copy today:

                                                        Just $17.00!

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