I’ve been kinda bashing New Year’s Resolutions lately and for me personally I don’t set them anymore, haven’t in a long time. Instead, I pick a word (usually it ends up being 2-3 words)/theme for the year to focus on.

New Year’s Resolutions never worked for me and left me “hating” myself more for not being able to stick, yet again, to another diet/weight loss program, exercise routine, etc.

But for some, New Year’s Resolutions are what they still do. So, today I’m saying if you’re going to set some do it shame-free and I have a great resource for you to check out.

Amber from Body Positive Yoga has a few things to say about setting shame-free New Year’s Resolutions. A few things that stuck out to me:

The first part of setting shame-free resolutions is to get in touch with your why.

I’ve found that more important than the what of any given goal is the why.

Without being clear about your why, it’s difficult to keep yourself motivated to finish anything you start. Knowing your why gives you more fire and direction—more motivation. Knowing your why can also help you reframe the kind of thinking that can otherwise create a victim mentality regarding where you give your time. 

After reading Amber’s post, I changed my opinion about resolutions. Probably not enough that I’ll go back to setting them though 😉 But I highly encourage you to head on over and read Your Guide To Creating Shame-Free New Year’s Resolutions now (she even has the option to download a free workbook to help you set your shame-free resolutions if you’d like).

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