Share Your Story, Change Someone's Life! 

The Your Shining Self Podcast, launched in 2019, is a platform for women (or those who identify as a woman) to share stories of hope, love, and transformation.

These stories are deep and raw but leave the listener feeling encouraged, inspired, and even empowered.

Coming from real women, of all different walks of life, listeners find the stories relatable as each guest has experienced struggles to come out the other side not just surviving but thriving and shining.

It’s an invitation for other women to find their voice and share their stories too!

And now I need YOUR help! :-) 

Do you have a story to share?

Maybe you've been through some sort of abuse, struggled with an addiction, lost a baby, put a baby up for adoption, survived a suicide attempt - whatever it is, I'd love to have you share! 

Do you know someone who has a story to share? 

Whether it's you or someone you know, please send them my way! 

Psst... Afraid to Share Your Story? 

I get it! Putting yourself in a position of vulnerability sharing your story isn't easy. Hell, it's downright scary, sometimes. 

But I promise you it'll be worth it.

What if sharing YOUR story inspires and changes someone else's life?!  

When you choose to own your story, show up powerfully and share it, you're inviting other women to do the same... and that's pretty damn powerful! (I've always thought of it from the perspective of: if sharing my story helps just one woman, then everything I've been through has been worth it.)


Think you don't have a story to share?

Maybe you think you haven't experienced a significant or horrific enough struggle to share.

I call BULL SHIT! 

You have a story inside you.

If you've struggled and come out the other side not just surviving but thriving, we want to hear it!  

Tish Lee

About the Author

Hi! I’m Tish, the sassy, sometimes (ok a lot of the time) sarcastic chic behind, my virtual real estate for telling stories of hope, love and transformation. It’s my mission to inspire and empower hurting women everywhere that when they catch a glimpse of their true shining self, they won’t be satisfied with less again! That’s exactly what happened to me and how Shining Self came about – I’ve gone through a major metamorphosis (and still going) and once I finally caught a glimpse of the real me – my shining self – I haven’t been satisfied with less since. Click here to read more about Tish