Ever find yourself muttering “I can’t?”

Sadly, I do all too often. If it’s not just “I can’t”, it’s “I can’t because I’m scared”.  When it comes to being scared of doing something? That’s a pretty lame excuse. I mean lots of people choose to just take a leap and do something while they’re scared. That’s exactly what Jon Morrow did when he made the move to Mexico. Now that may not seem like such a big thing – people move to other countries (or states) all the time. But for Jon, who is wheel chair bound and can only move his face? Well, yeah it was a huge deal for him. But he did it and he did it scared.

Wow! Talk about a wake up call. This man has me feeling all the feels and wiping the tears. I really lost it when I read this one sentence:

You’re still breathing, my friend. That’s all it takes to stage a comeback.

But goodness, there are so many golden nuggets and wise words throughout his post. Here’s a little blurb that caught my attention too:

No matter how bad the situation, no matter how hopeless it seems, there is always an opportunity to turn it to your advantage. You just have to discipline yourself to spot the opening, and then find the courage to use it.

And here’s one more sentence I found powerful and full of impact:

No matter how impossible the situation seems, you’re never trapped. There are always options.

Good stuff! I highly recommend you take a few minutes now and head on over to his blog and read 7 Life Lessons from a Guy Who Can’t Move Anything but His Face!  (Note – if you’re offended by cuss words, be warned there are some scattered throughout the post).

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