Your Bold Life Podcast

Topic: Loving Our Bodies & Taking Up Space

I could talk until I’m blue in the face about body positivity and taking up space… just as we are! I’m so passionate about this topic & was thrilled Val invited me to chat about the topic.

“My friend Tish Lee is leading a charge for body positivity in a way that I really connect with. It’s not about glorifying being unhealthy, it’s about loving our bodies and taking up space as ourselves. She is an inspiration for me to embrace where I’m at with my weight instead of hating and shaming myself for it. Big or small, we all have body issues we need to work through. I hope she will be an inspiration for you as well.”

Listen here: Episode #33: Loving Our Bodies & Taking Up Space

Inspired Women Amazing Lives Podcast 

Topic: How To Be Your Best Shining Self

Have you ever thought what you would be like if you were at your Best Shining Self?  Well guess what? You are living your Best Shining Self! And my guest, Tishia Lee, is here to prove that to you.

Listen here: Episode #61: How To Be Your Best Shining Self (unfortunately as of 12/6/23 this site no longer exists)

Event: Bold Life Collection

Topic: “Body Positive on the Runway”

Testimonial from host: Tish was warm and easy to chat with as a Summit Speaker at my event. I love her openness to talk about any topic and her communication pre-event is just as easy. If you are looking for inspiration for your readers, I highly suggest asking Tish to share her experiences. –Val Selby,

Event: Conversations in Gratitude 

Topic: A Path of Gratitude – from Self-Hate to Body Positive Run Way Model

Testimonial from host: I was looking for speakers for my October Conversations in Gratitude Summit. I heard Tishia speak at an online Summit and knew that I wanted to listen to her story again and have her speak at my Summit. She is a beautiful storyteller and was able to help people see her message in their minds. I have had great feedback back on the power of her speech, and I look forward to having her speak for me again. I also am looking forward to her upcoming Podcast. –Elizabeth Hughes Callison,

I’m Available to Speak!

I love doing podcast interviews, virtual events, and more. I love talking about body positivity and the importance of women of all sizes taking up space confidently and comfortably with no apology!

I also love to share my journey as an alcoholic who has been sober 6+ years (at the time of this writing) now, in the program 8 with a relapse 2 years in.

Get in touch anytime 🙂


Tishia (Tish) Lee
P. O. Box 2342
Vancouver, WA 98668