Stories Of Hope, Love & Transformation 

The Your Shining Self Podcast, launched in 2019, is a platform for women to share stories of hope, love, and transformation.

These stories are deep and raw but leave the listener feeling encouraged, inspired, and even empowered.

Coming from real women, of all different walks of life, listeners find the stories relatable as each guest has experienced struggles to come out the other side not just surviving but thriving and shining.

It’s an invitation for other women to find their voice and share their stories too! 

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What Others Have To Say About The Your Shining Self Podcast... 

Business Bloger Apple podcasts review january 2021

Changed The Way I Feel...

I had a real “aha” moment when Tisha Lee and Pam Hamilton talked about being the face of things in your business. I have always been someone who like to work in the background, and I have been doing so in my business. I am almost invisible. But when you think about people will only do business with the face of the company, it really hit home. Thank you for inspiring my to come out of my shell. Onward and upward for me and my new reality.

Karen Briscoe, Author Apple podcasts review november 2020

Achieve a higher level of success

Achieve a higher level of success by tuning in to Tishia Lee and guests on the Your Shining Self Podcast. Truly inspiration and insights that transform lives. Karen Briscoe, author and podcast host 5 Minute Success.

Petite Latoya Apple podcasts review april 2020

Vulnerable and Real

I love the platform that Tish has created for women to share their most intimate stories to build others up. She keeps it real and so does her guest. Thank you Tish!!

ELISAFWHNP Apple podcasts review january 2020

Love Tish and her message!

Thank you Tish for what you’re doing in messaging women to love themselves and continue to shine on no matter what!

Cindy Rushton Apple podcasts review november 2019

A Must Podcast!

One of my favorite tools for personal and professional development is podcasting. This podcast is all of that and MORE! It is amazing how I came for the topic but realized seconds into the podcast realizing the atmosphere is like a best friend coaching me toward greatness. I needed this! My new favorite podcast!