The Your Shining Self Podcast
YSS 66: The Final Episode!

Now it’s time to say goodbye…

This is a bittersweet moment!

A decision that was easy but not so easy to come to.

It’s taken me 9 days to finally publish this.

It feels weird knowing it’s out there now – the very last episode of the your shining self podcast!

But I’m excited about what’s coming up…


[00:00:00]: Today’s episode is special. This is my very last episode for the your shining self podcast, and I’m super excited, but also kind of sad. It’s a bittersweet moment. I started this podcast back in 2019. It has been an uphill and downhill journey, as probably anybody that podcasts can relate. There’s been some highs. There has been some lows. I have had some amazing freaking guests.

[00:00:30]: We have talked about some really deep, intimate, you know, tough topics. And I the reason that this is my last episode is because over the last couple years, but really specifically, like, the last, probably, like, the last year, you know, I’ve really kind of been fine tuning and getting clear about my marketing and my messaging and the direction that I wanna go. And, timber, I participated in the stretch yourself challenge that my friend and amazing mindset and business coach, Kelly McCarthy host.

I’ve been participating in that for oh my gosh. This was the 14th year, or was it the 15th year? Anyway, she’s been running it for a really long time, and I participated again this year like I do every year. I’ve participated in probably just about every single one of them. But during this year’s challenge, As I was brainstorming a challenge that I wanted to run-in my community, another challenge participant left some amazing, like, comments, questions, and feedback about, you know, what I was brainstorming, and it was in those moments that I was reading her feedback and stuff, and it just really hit me like a ton of bricks. I’ve been talking body positivity and trying to market to women of all sizes.

[00:02:09]: And, yes, some of the body positivity stuff that I talk about can relate to women of all sizes, but it really hit me, like, there was just this light bulb that went off, in my head. And, you know, thanks to that other participant for being willing to, you know, leave her feedback and ask those questions because in those moments, I was just like, what am I doing? I am a fat woman, and I my experiences taking up space as a fat woman in this world are so completely different than a thin woman, a woman who can walk into any clothing store and buy clothes off the rack. You know, my experiences as a fat woman taking up space in this fat phobic world – that’s a story for another day but not on this podcast because this is the last episode.

You know, my experience is different than the thin woman that can walk into any restaurant and not have to stress and worry about if she’s gonna fit in a booth and not have to, you know, be anxious about, oh, friends have invited me out to eat. You know, if I get there and they’re sitting in a booth, I’m gonna be in this awkward, you know, situation where I’m either gonna try to, you know, fit in this booth or I’m you know, how am I gonna handle that?

So, basically, what I’m saying is, as a fat woman, my experiences in this life are completely different than a thin woman, and I have decided and I’ve gotten very specific and very clear about the fact that my marketing will no longer be geared towards women of any sizes. My marketing and my messaging is going to be geared towards the fat woman. And, you know, this can also be a little bit challenging too because, you may not be aware, but there is a fat spectrum.

[00:04:09]: There are different sized fats. So, yes, as a fat woman, I have experiences, you know, that are different from a thin woman. But on the fat spectrum, you know, I am on the smaller fat size. So my experiences are even different than, you know, another fat person who is, the higher end of the fat spectrum. So it, you know, it can be a little challenging here too, but I definitely have gotten very clear that I’m not trying to market towards all women anymore because I just don’t relate to the thin woman. And by no means am I saying that, you know, I’m trying to, I don’t know. I’m not trying to, like, brush the thin woman off at all. That’s not, you know, my intention.

[00:05:01]: If Thin women are still drawn to me and want to be a part of my community and, you know, my messaging resonates with them, that’s awesome. But I am specifically going to be sharing content from a fat perspective. So if I lose people in my community that are women that are thinner, I totally get it, and that is totally okay because our experiences are different. So having said all that, you may be wondering, so what now, Tish?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Not that you really asked, but, yes, I amuse myself. Since I have gotten very specific about the marketing, the messaging, and the direction that I wanna go. I am obviously letting this podcast go. I felt a little bit of a disconnect with this for a little while now, and I think it’s just because a lot of people know the your shining self podcast as, you know, women sharing stories of transformation, and a lot of it was going from, you know, surviving to thriving after trauma.

[00:06:14]: So a lot of people, when they hear that, that’s what they think of, and that’s not what I have been focused on. It’s not what I want to continue to focus on. I very specifically want to focus on self confidence, self love, you know, body image, body positivity for fat women. And, that having said that, I’m very excited to let you know that I will still be podcasting. I have a new podcast. I don’t have, like, any of the specifics done other than I have a domain name purchased, but I still have to figure out, you know, like, the logo, all of that stuff. I have 11 episodes that I already have, you know, notes jotted down for those episodes that I’ll be recording. So I’m super excited about that, and it’s just a matter of getting all the behind the scenes stuff done now to get that, put out there.

[00:07:22]: So, yeah, this is the last episode, and it feels really it feels really good to say that, and I’m also a little bit sad because this was my 1st podcast. So it’s, you know, my baby. And to let that go is definitely a little bittersweet, to be letting this go, but it’s time. So thank you so much for, you know, being here through the ups and the downs since 2019 when I started this podcast. If you recently just found this podcast, I am sorry that this is the last episode, but I definitely, will be updating, you know, info at shining self dot com about the new podcast and a new domain and everything. So, hopefully, you will head over to and sign up for my mailing list so that you get All of the updates. Alright. With that, I am signing off and closing down the doors to the your shining self podcast.

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The Body Positive Fairy Godmother, Tish Lee,  encourages women of all sizes to take up space confidently and comfortably with no apology. She knows if you don’t take your space in the world, no one else can and that would be a damn shame.


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