The Your Shining Self Podcast
The Your Shining Self Podcast
10: Overcoming Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is something pretty common. Put a group of 20 women together (heck, men too) and probably every one of them can tell you that there is a comfort food(s) they go to when feeling emotional. While it’s not a problem to have a comfort food, it becomes a problem when instead of dealing with feelings you numb them with food.

And that’s what this week’s guest, Melissa Rohlfs, and I chat about. She shares her story of emotional eating and the turning point in her life when she realized it was a problem and how she overcame it…eventually. Because as it often goes, once we admit there’s a problem we sometimes don’t initially do anything about it. But it takes what it takes for us to get to the point where we’re ready to change.

About Melissa

Melissa Rohlfs is a certified holistic health and life coach helping busy women create new healthy habits around food so they can lose weight for good, gain energy and be the woman they desire to be. She is committed to empowering women to break free from dieting, emotional eating and self-image issues so they can ditch the diet mentality, and feel confident and empowered in their own skin.

After her own tumultuous history with food {withholding and then later in life, bingeing}, she learned how to deal with the core issues around her broken relationship with food. As a result, she felt called to go to school and learn to teach other women how to do the same.

She graduated from the Health Coach Institute as a Holistic Health and Life Coach in 2018 and is the proud owner of Free 2 B Coaching. Additionally, she is a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist through the National Federation of Professional Trainers, has a certification in the Breakthrough: Carb Intolerance Solution from JJ Virgin, and is certified through Sanford University in Child Nutrition and Certification.

She is a proud Boilermaker alumna living in Tucson with her husband, Chad and two kiddos.

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