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YSS 19: From Homeless at 14 to Multiple Business Owner

Listen in as this week’s Your Shining Self Podcast guest, Sacha Brant, and I chat about her story of homeless at the age of 14, dealing with mental illness and how she now runs multiple businesses. We also chat about how dialectal behavioural therapy and the attitude of gratitude can be used to help overcome adversities and mental illness.

Sacha says: “Anyone can overcome adversity and use their experiences as a personal drive to succeed. From there, you have the potential to develop a charismatic entrepreneurial spirit that others will follow.”

And one of my favorite things Sacha said was right before we ended the call: “You are a master of your own reality.” 

Connect with Sacha:

About Sacha

Sacha Brant is the mastermind behind Brand Scrubbers. Her vision and fearlessness has brought brands from startup to stardom. When it comes to scrubbing your brand, Sacha knows how to do it right the first time. If you are looking to launch your first business or work out the kinks with your existing one look no further as your Queen of Clean Sacha Brant is here to Scrub your brand.

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