The Your Shining Self Podcast
The Your Shining Self Podcast
YSS 23: Live past the Pain to Live Your Dreams with Penna’e Akpuru

It’s not a question of if we’ll ever experience pain in our life. It’s a given that at some point, something has or will happen to cause pain. Things like job loss, rape, divorce, bullying, loss of a loved one are just a few of the situations that can cause pain. Of course these are just a few examples… there are different things each of us will face and cause us to experience pain.

And today’s guest on The Your Shining Self Podcast, Penna’e Akpuru, is certainly no stranger when it comes to experiencing pain in her own life. She’s been homeless, through divorce and suffered eight years of drug addiction – just to name a few situations she’s experienced.

Are you letting pain, current or from your past, delay you from pursuing your dreams?

If so today’s episode is exactly the message of hope, love & transformation you need to hear! Penna’e is going to share how you can live past the pain to live your dreams!  

Connect with Penna’e:

About Penna’e

Master celebrity stylist and international beauty influencer Penna’e Akpuru lives by the motto: “I look good. I feel good. I’m doing good.” Author of “Living Past Your Pain to Live Your Dreams,” Penna’e also shares her message of hope as a spiritual teacher and transformational speaker. Her awe-inspiring story of overcoming extreme adversity stands as a testimony to the ability each of us has to create the life we desire—no matter what we’ve experienced, or what we have done, in the past.

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