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YSS 27: Stop Getting Your Needs Met in Unhealthy Ways Using The Enneagram with Jenn Whitmer

Today’s guest on The Your Shining Self Podcast is Jenn Whitmer.

I really enjoyed chatting with Jenn and learning more about the enneagram and how we can use that to change our behaviors and stop getting our needs met in unhealthy ways. If you are like me, and aren’t familiar with enneagram, you can find some great information here on Jenn’s site!

There were so many golden nuggets Jenn shared, I want to mention a handful of them but you will want to listen in to get all the juicy info!

  • Be compassionate with yourself.
  • We can only address what we first acknowledge is there.  If you don’t know it’s there, you’re blind to it.
  • Understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing can be one of the most important discoveries you can make!
  • You have to know what the need is, to get it met.

Connect with Jenn:

About Jenn:

Jenn speaks, writes, and coaches with joy, asking big questions that lead to big dreams and big ideas, always finding a way of being and doing in the world that is healthy and effective. Usually, that means laughing.

This is what she loves to do: help people be and do in ways that promote connection and flourishing. With more than 20 years of experience in teaching, coaching, and connecting all kinds of people, she has found all her experience and education have led to a lot more learning.

Specializing in interpersonal conflict resolution and the Enneagram—in real life and in the online world— Jenn loves helping others communicate through difficulty so they are more connected and whole on the other side.

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