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    Have You Seen This Nike Ad Yet?

    Where have these Honeybeez plus size dancers been all my life??? Do you ever come across something that just makes you feel all the feels? Something that gives you goose bumps? Something that brings tears to your eyes because it hits so close to home? That’s exactly what just happened when I saw this video. Check it out for yourself and I’ll explain more below: Good grief that just sends me into so many emotions (I’ve cried the last three times I’ve watched it!)! It’s only been since October, maybe November, 2018 that I stepped into this new role with myself – really LOVING myself. Really ACCEPTING myself – size…

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    Love Your Body Love Yourself

    It’s taken me a long time to finally accept and love me, the whole me. To finally be ok in my own skin. To finally look in the mirror and love my body – jiggly thighs, saggy arms, big belly full of stretch marks and a c-section scar. It’s taken a really long time…but I promise you when you get to this point, it is so worth it! Speaking of loving myself and my body, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. I used to be so against this day. I despised it. I hated all those happy couples around me being all gushy lovey dovey. Because I used to think I…

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    What’s The Worst That Can Happen?

    I’ve been going through some amazing things since my move out here to the West Coast. Well, I started going through some amazing change (aka inner work/self-growth) back in Michigan over the last several years, but the last few months I’ve really stepped up my game or something because whoah, I’m on FIRE… 😉 No, but seriously the last several months have been AMAZING! Not long ago, I shared about how I started questioning old stories, especially about fear, and since then it’s like I have a new lease on life. Because suddenly I’m not holding myself back by those old stories! I’m trying so many new things and stepping…

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