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Tish Lee

About the Author

Most of my life I lived behind a mask, pretending to be someone I wasn’t. I was screaming on the inside. I didn't know who I was, had no self-confidence, self-worth, and didn't believe I deserved a better life than what I had. Because of all the pain inside, I started making harmful choices to numb it... binge drinking (turning into every day drinking/alcoholic), binge eating & binging/purging, just to name a few! I lived a chaotic hot mess of a life for way too long, but it took what it took to get me to my rock bottom when I knew I couldn't keep on keeping on the way I had been...  Wanna know more? Just click here :-)

“I was looking for speakers for my October Conversations in Gratitude Summit. I heard Tishia speak at an online Summit and knew that I wanted to listen to her story again and have her speak at my Summit. She is a beautiful storyteller and was able to help people see her message in their minds. I have had great feedback back on the power of her speech, and I look forward to having her speak for me again. I also am looking forward to her upcoming Podcast.”

~Elizabeth Hughes Callison  

“Tish, that's a great story and an inspiration for moving forward.”


“Your story is so inspiring Tish!”


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