weight loss wont make you happier

Do you believe losing weight will make you happier and is an answer to all your “problems”?

If so, you’re not alone! I used to believe that too…

I thought once I lost weight, everything would magically change:

  • I’d find the man of my dreams (one that treated me with kindness, respect & loved me for me faults & all)
  • I’d start traveling
  • I’d start wearing whatever I wanted (instead of dressing in big, baggy cover my fat body clothes that never hid my fat anyway)
  • I’d look in a full-length mirror and love what I saw
  • … but most of all that I’d be happier and not so miserable

News flash…

Losing Weight Won’t Make You Happier!

I’m here to tell you losing weight will NOT suddenly make you magically happy or everything great!

Here are 3 reasons why weight loss won’t make you happier:

  1. The more you focus on what society, doctors, and even well-meaning family & friends have you believe is a problem (your weight) the bigger the problem becomes.
  2. Nothing has changed except you’ve lost weight. Your life situations (for example let’s say a crappy relationship) are still the same.
  3. Your mindset/body image hasn’t changed.

I dive into each of these three reasons in more detail in this video:

The more you focus on what society, doctors, and even well-meaning family & friends have you believe is a problem (your weight/body size) the bigger the problem becomes (as I shared in the above video).

If you don’t work on changing your body image and mindset, losing weight isn’t going to make you happier or “solve” anything!

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Just a fat chic livin' her best damn life! Plus-size model, body positive advocate, sober since March 2014!, selfie queen, and lover of all things pink & sparkly! On a mission to inspire plus-size women to love themselves just as they are and to take up space boldly, confidently & most of all unapologetically.

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