It’s took me a long time to finally accept and love me, the whole me. To finally be ok in my own skin. To finally look in the mirror and love my body – jiggly thighs, saggy arms, big belly full of stretch marks and a c-section scar.

When I say it took a look time I mean as in my entire life up until 2-3 years ago! But I promise you when you get to this point, it is so worth it!

Speaking of loving myself and my body, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. I used to be so against this day. I despised it. I hated all those happy couples around me being all gushy lovey dovey. Because I used to think I had to have a man to be happy. When I finally realized what a crock of crap that thinking process was, I started to love Valentine’s Day and being single. I would treat myself to flowers, chocolate and maybe even dinner and a movie. Yes, it was awkward at first but it was also empowering!

But that’s not what this post is about. This is about loving your body and loving yourself. I’ve put together 20 body positive messages for you in honor of Valentine’s Day!

You’ll find messages like:

  • beautiful comes in all shapes, sizes and colors.
  • always remember that (1) you are beautiful, and (2) you are loved.
  • love the real you, flaws and all.
  • …and so many more!

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