Ever feel like, even though things in your life are good, you’re still not happy? I just had this conversation with a friend recently and was saying how I feel guilty that I feel so unhappy some days. I have a roof over my head, food in my belly, amazing friends, wonderful family, my sobriety (I will be sober for 5 years on March 3rd, 2019!), a reliable car, fun clients, the ability to work anywhere because of my online businesses.

I literally have nothing to complain about or be unhappy about. But yet I often find myself thinking ‘I should be doing this and then I’d be happier’, ‘I’d be happier if I didn’t live here’, and the list goes on. But happiness doesn’t have anything to do with things! Being happy can’t be bought. According to the Ted talk Creating Your Owner’s Manual by Brit Reints, that I shared above, we can be happy and create a happiness manual and all it takes are three steps. I loved the Ted talk so much I watched it twice!


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