I meant to get this posted earlier but I have been sick, traveling and just plain ole off kilter…the holidays do that to me. The last part of December I never seem to know what day it is. So while I do love the holidays, I’m glad they’re coming to an end and the New Year is upon us – in a few hours, for me at least. It’s the New Year over on the East Coast already.

At the end of each year I jot down a list of words that come to me and then find the ones that ‘call the loudest’ to me and that’s the theme/focus for the New year. As I was jotting down words that were coming to me, in preparation for finding 2019’s theme,  I started to notice a theme and then found it interesting that those theme words were written so close together and it wasn’t intentional…then again I get amused by little things so this may only be amusing to me 😉

2018 I had a few words too; I seem to always be drawn to 3 or 4 words each year. It’s never just one. I can’t remember my words for last year except for Adventure. And there was a lot of that…the biggest adventure being my cross country move!

I’m so excited for 2019 and what’s to come.

My words for the year are: 

  • Brave
  • Bold
  • Shine

And then there were 2 more that called out and fit the theme too:

  • Sparkle
  • Bright

Makes perfect sense those words called me!

I have some fun things in store for the new year, this site, and my tribe over on Instagram!

But you know what I’m even more excited about going into 2019 for?

The FREEDOM of NOT dieting! A few months ago I made the decision that I was DONE dieting…as in forever. (There’s a post coming about this!) And that one decision has been the most freeing and best thing I’ve ever done for myself. It’s so freaking empowering and an amazing feeling knowing that another New Year isn’t going to be wasted trying every diet fad that comes around, that I have to restrict myself, and tell myself I’m “bad” if I eat certain things or “good” if I eat other things. Aaaaah… it just feels good 🙂

Do you have a theme or word for 2019? I’d love to hear it! Leave me a comment below.  

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    1. I’m so stinking excited for this new year, Avery 🙂 And I love that I get to watch your new partnership over at White Label Perks…that’s pretty darn exciting 🙂

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